Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beach Fun with Family & Friends

We got to go to the beach!  It's been 4 years since Jimmy & I went to Amelia Island, Florida, where we spent our honeymoon 9 years ago.  We talked about bringing our future family there one day, and our dream was fulfilled!  Even though we had 3 days of rain and cloudy windy skies (thanks to Tropical Storm Debby), being wrapped up in a towel at the beach was better than enduring the blistering heat wave in Tennessee.  Just a day into the trip we had a grand surprise orchestrated by my sweet husband...my parents arrived and spent an evening and one day with us!  I knew they were coming to surprise the boys, but they came a night early and surprised me!  What fun!  I'm so glad they got to see the boys enjoying the beach and waves!  In fact, they helped ease the boys into it.  Aside from sand castles, shell hunting and wave jumping, we also ate some fantastic meals...Brett's Waterway Cafe, Sandy Bottoms and Townies in Fernandina.  We were also blessed to drive a little way south to St. Augustine and see our dear friends who generously drove up from Orlando to see us.  We love you Zakhary Family and appreicate you orgnaizing a wonderful afternoon for us!  The boys made instant best friends, which we thought they would.  Just glad they like each other because we hope to visit again as soon as possible!  Suffice it to say, Florida is our favorite vacation spot, and getting to have Family join us, along with seeing our best long-distance Friends just put icing on the cake!  Here's some photos from our trip...

Monday, June 4, 2012


As soon as I think I have a chance to post, someone wakes up from a nap (which is a miracle in itself to get them both down at the same time for any amount of time)...so as quickly as I can I'm going to try to get a few photos from Spring 2012 up here. 

Easter Sunday
(And wedding attire, they weren't in the wedding, just attended a few)

Hiking the trail behind Bud Ogle's cabin in Roaring Fork, The Great Smoky Mountains! (one of our favorite short vacation destinations) We were there for the weekend for my cousin's wedding.  I don't have a picture of us all dressed up at the wedding...yet...but here we are earlier that day...out in the woods! 
I plan to post wedding pictures, too.  It was beautiful and so much fun!!!

Our house...a normal day just the boys and me playing outside
(No, I don't normally put the baby in a basket...it just kept him from crawling off the table so I could snap a photo.)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

January, Where has the time gone?

Wow! January is usually a slow month, and February is usually slower as, well, for me, winter endures and we await Spring.  But with this Spring-like weather...it hasn't been so bad.  We have been outside so much more than usual, and had a great month, which leaves me wondering..."Where has the time gone?"

We celebrated Carter's 3rd Birthday...

Carter's 3rd Birthday! Monster Trucks!

And Colby turned 5 months old...

Rolling, sitting up and...smiling!

Around three years ago an experienced mother told me a saying that sticks with me. "The days are long, but the years are short."  I tucked the thought away, but now I totally believe it!  I'm living it!  I can't believe it's been 3 years since Carter was our newborn baby.  Now he's our big boy.  I'm amazed at the things he knows and can do. He makes me proud, entertained and sometimes completely worn out.  But most importantly, I've learned more about love, care and family than I ever have in my life.  His love for his brother and Colby's fascination with Carter amaze me each day.  I cherish those moments because I suspect it won't be long before these sweet moments turn into fighting.  Haha! 

But back to the the saying above, I recently read an article on Kronos time (time of day) and Chairos time (special moments) and whether or not to carpe diem (seize the day and enjoy every moment).  Like the author, I've experienced a certain amount of guilt in moments I find unenjoyable and think to myself, "enjoy this because it will be gone so soon."  This latter thought usually brings me back to reality to handle situtaitons with patience and tenderness.  However, there are some moments (potty training) that just get my goat!  I will not miss potty training at all!  So I'm learning that as time is going so quickly to cherish these Chairos moments like the birthday party, Carter singing in the rain splashing in his rainboots. Colby rolling over only to greet me with the biggest grin I've ever seen in my life and falling asleep in my lap.  Rocking and singing with both boys in the rocking chair or playing tractors in the floor.  These moments will outshine those rough ones, and I know I'll look back on these quickly fleeting years and say, "Where has the time gone?"

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 months already!

I haven't been posting very often...sorry to those who've checked.  But I have been keeping up with Colby through pictures, video and jotting things down.  It's just so hard to get everything done around the house and keep up with two little boys!  Usually by nap time, mommy needs one, too!  However I promised myself that if I hadn't posted by 3 months, then I would make a point to post an update, and here we are! 

It's hard to believe it's been 3 months since Colby was born!  We must be having fun because time is flying!  He is so sweet!  We've settled into our routine now.  He's sleeping good, and growing like a weed.  Carter loves him, and gets mad whenever someone (like Aunt Big Sister) tries to take Colby home with them.  He has his moments where he wants us all to himself.  That's ok, too.  Pretty much everything, especially getting out has been easier this time around, probably due to the warmer weather and that I just know what I'm doing this time.  I also know each stage will be so short that rather than anticipating what's next, I'm trying to thoroughly enjoy every moment because I know it will go so fast.  He's already dropped a late night feeding, which means he's ready for bed around 8 p.m. most nights.  Yes, that's a great thing!  It's also showing me just how fast he's already growing up!  I have to savor my time with him while he's awake and wants to play because each day slips by so fast. Then while he's asleep, Carter and I get time together.  This stage is working out well.  I must admit those first couple months were a blur. 

Now we're starting to see Colby's little personality.  He's a very happy baby as long as he's kept on his routine for the most part, you don't disturb him while he's playing or sleeping, and either change activities or hold him when he starts to fuss.  He settles right back down, usually for a nap.  He's just content, and it's wonderful!  He's very curious and loves to watch his big brother, play on his playmat or listen to someone read.  And he LOVES bluegrass music! (and pretty much any music, especially if you dance with him.)  So to sum up since I hear one of them stirring from nap, the past 3 months have been wonderful, and I'm so thankful for my two sweet boys!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby Colby

Colby is one week old today!  I just wanted to share a photo and let you know he's doing very well!  Thanks to so many friends for the prayers, e-mails, calls and texts to check on him.  Carter is also adjusting very well.  He is basking in the glow of being a big brother!  He wants to cuddle and talk to Colby every chance he gets, and he likes to help Mommy & Daddy because he is "the big boy" as he tells us.  I hope to compose and post our delivery story soon because it was so great!  Wow, just this time last week we were anxiously awaiting our new baby boy and now we can't imagine life without him!  He's just as sweet and wonderful as his big brother!  We couldn't have asked God for a better experience, and we thank him everyday for the blessings of the past week.  Here's  a picture with more news to come.  Also, his jaundice is going away, and he's regaining weight and sleeping very well.  Born on Aug 17, at a hefty 9 lbs 10 oz, (yes, that's why I felt so heavy!) he was down to 8 lbs 12 oz on Sunday.  Yesterday he was back up to 9 lbs 3 oz with a  good doctor's visit.  As our sweet friend, Melanie, says, we got a "hunk-a-baby!" Love it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Most Distinguished Honor

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have arrived!  A most distinguished honor was bestowed upon me today.  But first, the backstory...

Sometime in my toddlerhood, I bestowed such an honor upon my own mama.  Sometime, somewhere, she enforced discipline upon my stubborn will, and I dubbed her, "The Meanest Mama in the Whole Wide World."  To challenge my toddler wisdom at the time, she must have been the meanest, right?  So there her title stuck.  Of course, now we fondly refer to her by her special title, and I'm sure she wears it proudly for loving me enough to take the time to discipline me.

So I can't help but smile this afternoon as I listen to my toddler yell at me from his bedroom, "Mommy, You're a Mean Girl!" (He prounounces girl as /gril/.)   And for me, I know exactly why he is telling me this.  After listening to him and his new Diego he just got today (from the TV series) talk for 20 minutes when they are supposed to be napping, I told him I would take Diego away.  They didn't get quiet, so I took away Diego for the remainder of nap.   He proceeded to bestow upon me such an honor as I gave my mama not that many years ago. 

I just wanted to inform you that I feel quite honored this afternoon to have such a similar title and hope I can live up to it and will wear it proudly!  (Of course, I also enjoyed his debate with himself that followed... "No, she's not a mean girl.  But she took Diego.  Mommy, You're a Mean Girl!")  I'm also looking forward to a big hug after nap.  :)